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Print Marketing Services to help you become everybody's
go-to trusted
trusted realtor
Geared exclusively towards realtors and real estate teams. If you can think it, we can ink it.
Sample of realtor postcards
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Let's face it. You can't rely solely on digital marketing anymore.
If you don't hit the market from all angles, you'll fall behind.
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Miss out on
crucial touchpoints
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You'll get lost in the
realty jungle
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Lose out on
more sales
Prints that will make you stand out and stay top-of-mind!
We have over 12 top of the line digital and offset printing presses, with state-of-the-art finishing machines.
You won’t have to wait long at all! We’re the fastest in the business.
We’ve been serving professionals with the best prints for over 15 years.
What other industry leaders have to say about us.
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Anthony and the team at Greko continually exceed my expectations with every order. I have been a dedicated customer for the last 4+ years sending weekly orders, sometimes with short notice, and they are still able to deliver on time with the best quality possible. Thank you Greko printing!
– Taylor Kerrigan
Jeff Glover & Associates
We work with top realtors all the time.
We know what works.
Here are some of the hottest prints!
Showcase your listings with style.
Showcase your
listings with style.
Oversized Brochure Mockup for website
Get them nowhere else! These large brochures pack a huge punch. Imagine having a complete beautiful website on a brochure! You can add your listings, property features, your value propositions, testimonials, and so much more!
People are sick of seeing digital ads. Shake it up and send something directly to them!
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Direct Mailers
Choose your audience and connect! Have a broad reach or target a specific audience! Plus, you can personalize for each recipient.
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EDDM Every Door Direct Mailers
Reach the customers that matter most, for less. Select mail routes and the delivery date – we handle the print, processing, AND delivery to the post office!
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Image of business cards
Now, more than ever, it’s essential to stand out from your competitors. That’s why we print the most custom and unique business cards available in the market!
Showcase listings or send clients amazing free value! Branded books have higher ROI than the traditional real estate agent gifts that everyone else is giving out!
Image of printed booklets
Images of printed marketing materials
and so much more!
From yard signs and banners to postcards and pamphlets – If you can think it, we can ink it. Download our catalog to see more amazing prints options to make your brand stand out and stay top-of-mind!
plus! get 15% off when you mix & match 3 products!
*Minimum quantity 500 count per product
The process is simple!
Connect with one of our helpful team members.
Place your order and share designs OR setup an appointment with our Marketing Guide.
Land those touchpoints and grow your client list!
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Trust us, print
marketing is
FAR from dead.

See the 5 must-have prints that will help you stand out in 2021.

We're here to help you stand out!
Realtors are scrambling to stand out in an oversaturated marketplace. At Greko Printing & Marketing, we’ll help you look professional and stay top-of-mind so you become everyone’s “go-to” trusted realtor.


It seems as though every other person we meet these days has their hand in the hot real estate cookie jar. But the problem is most of them are simply hobbyists. They decided to jump on the real estate market to make a quick buck as it ramped up. But this raises serious concerns to the actual professionals that rely on it as their primary source of income. This definitely adds stress in an already stressful and ever-changing marketplace. We feel for you. That’s why we want to help set you apart.


To stand out from the competition, you need your marketing to scream “Trusted Professional.” We know the part-time competitors are not willing to go as far as you will. And you can’t rely on digital marketing alone. That’s what everyone and their grandma is aiming to do. Plus, we believe that you shouldn’t have to know all the latest digitals trends to stay relevant and grow your client base. You just need to hit the market from all angles and create stronger relationships through multiple touchpoints. That’s where you HAVE to step up your print marketing game.


However, we understand that marketing can seem time-consuming. You don’t have time to design material, pick them up from the print shop, and then mail them out. You have clients to take care of! That’s why for over 15 years, Greko Printing & Marketing has been the go-to partner to professionals like yourself. We can help you get your prints in the hands of the audience you need to reach and capture their attention through beautifully printed marketing materials!


Here’s how we do it: 1. Connect with us. 2. Place your print order and send us your designs, or set up an appointment with our Marketing Guide. 3. Implement your prints, strengthen relationships, and grow your client list!


So stop losing clients to the competition and instead be the go-to realtor that everyone remembers and trusts.
Desk with computer monitor working on a design
Need help with
your designs?
Coming up with beautiful and consistent designs can be tough. Not everyone is a designer. But we are. Our designers know what realtors need. We can help you create amazing designs to help your brand and listings stand out!
Desk with computer monitor working on a design
Clarify your message and differentiate yourself.
Did we not mention that we have a StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide on staff? We went above and beyond to make sure we could serve you in every way.
Marketing is an exercise in memorization. A StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide will help you create powerful sales funnels to solidify a memorable message that clients never forget. Learn more about what a StoryBrand Certified Guide can help you accomplish in this FREE PDF.
Gain insight on the common (and avoidable) marketing pitfalls that hurt business in this FREE PDF download