Stand Out As The
Leader In Your

Highly-quality commercial printing services for your business,
events, and marketing efforts.

Look Professional

Stand Out

Stay Top-Of-Mind

Stand Out As The Leader In Your Industry

Highly-quality commercial printing services for your business, events, and marketing.

Look Professional

Stand Out

Stay Top-Of-Mind

To stand out, you need printed

marketing material that demands attention.

Highest Quality Prints

With a focus on quality control, we utilize over 12 top of the line digital and offset printing presses, with state-of-the-art finishing machines.

Lightning Fast Turn-Around

We know in business; time is of the essence. That's why we built a reputation as the fastest printer in the industry.

Help Every Step Of The Way

With over 30 years of experience, our team is ready to help you from quote and design to shipping and distribution.

Serving Detroit businesses for decades.

Printing out of Plymouth, Michigan for over 40 years.

Fuel your brand with the power of print

Give every aspect of your business a unified and professional look. Greko Printing and Marketing provides the winning formula for consistent and eye-catching visual print quality. It's time to take the checkered flag and make your business a true champion of style and professionalism.

Rev up your displays and events

From start to finish, we provide professional printing solutions that turbocharge your brand's presence at your next big event. Create an unforgettable experience with high-quality printed materials that leave a lasting impression.

Supercharge your marketing campaigns

Don't underestimate the power of printed materials in your strategy. Unlock the potential of captivating print materials that increase your ROI. Let Greko Printing & Marketing bring your ideas to life and create compelling printed marketing materials that stand out and deliver exceptional results.

Real people. Real help.

We make the printing process pleasant.

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The trusted print partner your business deserves.

As a business owner, you need a print partner you can depend on. With the ever evolving competitive landscape, timely, consistent, and high-quality delivery of your printed marketing material is critical. At Greko Printing & Marketing, we have the tools to help your brand make a lasting impression on your target audience on time, every time. Experience the power of effective print marketing and drive your business forward. Partner with Greko Marketing today and take the lead in your industry.

Print has incredible benefits.


Print materials provide a physical presence that engages the senses, creating a memorable experience and deeper connection with the audience.

Credibility & Trust

Print materials are often perceived as more credible and trustworthy, instilling confidence in the brand or message being conveyed.

Targeted Reach

Print marketing allows for precise targeting of specific audiences based on demographics, locations, or niche interests, ensuring messages reach the right people.

Less Competition

Print advertising faces less competition for attention compared to the digital space, allowing for greater visibility and message retention.

Longevity and Shelf Life

Print materials have a longer lifespan, remaining in circulation or being kept by the audience for future reference, reinforcing brand messages over time.

Sensory Appeal

Print materials engage multiple senses, such as touch and sight, enhancing the overall impact and making a lasting impression.

Digital marketing alone won't take you to where you want to go.

Brand awareness: According to a study by the Association of National Advertisers, print advertising is 25% more effective at building brand awareness than digital advertising¹.

Lead generation: A study by Nielsen found that print advertising generates 70% more leads than digital advertising².

Sales: Sales: A study by McKinsey & Company found that print advertising generates 12% more sales than digital advertising⁴.

Customer loyalty: A study by the Aberdeen Group found that print advertising increases customer loyalty by 15%³.

Recall: A study by the Advertising Research Foundation found that print advertising has a 30% higher recall rate than digital advertising.

Credibility: A study by the Pew Research Center found that consumers trust print advertising more than digital advertising⁵.

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